Lab 0. Getting Started

Welcome to the 0th lab in CS 241! In this short lab, you’re going to

  • Log in to a lab machine;
  • Install Visual Studio Code extensions;
  • Install Visual Studio Code extensions remotely; and
  • Debug a short Bash program.

This lab is to be completed individually.


To get started, first log into the lab machine.


If the lab machine is currently running Windows, you’ll need to restart it. During the boot process, a text screen with different operating systems will pop up for 5 seconds. When this pops up, use the keyboard to select the Ubuntu option (which will probably be the second in the list, just under Windows).

Once you have logged in, open the Visual Studio Code application. To do so, click the Show Applications button in the bottom left corner of the desktop, and then open Visual Studio Code.

Move to Part 1 to install the extensions.