Submitting (5 points)

To submit your lab, you must commit and push to GitHub before the deadline.


Make sure you followed all of the instructions about stderr and return values, script warnings an errors, executable scripts, and script documentation.

Your repository should contain the following files and directory.

  • genfrac
  • shellcheckall
  • topfiletypes
  • images/

Your repository should not contain either the jfrac or the Linux code.

Any additional files you have added to your repository should be removed from the main branch. (You’re free to make other branches, if you desire, but make sure main contains the version of the code you want graded.)

The README should contain

  1. The names of both partners (or just your name if you worked alone…but please don’t work alone if you can manage it).
  2. Your answers to questions for each part and the commands you used to find them.