Lab 9: Osh II

In this lab, you’re going to finish writing your shell. After this lab, your shell will

  1. support file redirection (e.g., $ echo foo >output.txt); and
  2. handle the interrupt (Ctrl-C) and quit (Ctrl-\) signals.

You will learn

  • how to launch processes with stdin/stdout/stderr connected to files;
  • how to open files with more complex open options; and
  • how to install signal handlers and respond to signals.


Continue working with your existing repository.

Be sure to ask any questions on Ed.

Compiler warnings and errors

Make sure your code compiles and passes clippy without errors or warnings. That is, running

$ cargo clean
$ cargo build
$ cargo clippy

should build your program without errors or warnings.


Your code must be formatted by running cargo fmt.