Lab 4: Wordle ahead

Due: 2024-03-12 at 23:59

In this lab, you’ll learn how to

  • work with individual characters in a string;
  • write colored text to the terminal;
  • flush output to standard out;
  • call functions defined in other modules;
  • implement a command-line utility;
  • parse command-line arguments;
  • read from standard in or from a file; and
  • handle errors.


First, find a partner. You’re allowed to work by yourself, but I highly recommend working with a partner. Click on the assignment link. One partner should create a new team. The team name cannot be the same name used for a previous lab. The second partner should click the link and choose the appropriate team. (Please don’t choose the wrong team, there’s a maximum of two people and if you join the wrong one, you’ll prevent the correct person from joining.) You cannot choose a team name you’ve used previously.

Once you have accepted the assignment and created/joined a team, you can clone the repository and begin working.

Be sure to ask any questions on Ed.

Compiler warnings and errors

Make sure your code compiles and passes clippy without errors or warnings. That is, running

$ cargo clean
$ cargo build
$ cargo clippy

should build your program without errors or warnings.


Your code must be formatted by running cargo fmt.